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What Our Clients Says?

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We were very pleased with Stephen’s work at Ethereal Mastering. He was quick to communicate, understood what we were going for, and gave us exactly what we needed.


I get the pleasure of having Stephen master the majority of my mixes and he never disappoints! He always goes above and beyond and pulls the best out of every song. I look forward to working together for years to come!


Hundreds of Happy Customers

Chris Hall East Side Worship

Jason Hastings

Benjamin Dunn

Lisbeth Scott

Falling Up



Benjamin Dunn

Sean Feucht

Amy Sollars

Clay Webb

Relevant Discord

Chris Burns

Brandon Richardson

Jonah Fair

Neumann Films

​Bend Police Department

Southside Church

Rachel Skrobot

Jobe Woosly

Rod Miner

Dean Wilson

The Dirty Work

Empower One Another

Kyle Cunningham

Natalie Dinsfriend

Brandon Bee

Cazz Brinds

Lennox Fleary

Michael and Angela

The Manning Brothers

To Die Elsewhere

Whitney Vesterfelt

​Chris Hall

Rebeka Proctor

John Mascente

Cheeses of Mexico

The Finns

Dream Cannon

The Heckels

Nathan Chud

Brendan Hollis

Chris Burns

Dan Gardner

Falyn Grainger

Jason Gregori

Derek Jaques

Bo Cook

Red Letter Volume

The Historic

Burn Washington

Jason Grainger

Zac and Amy Huffman

Chris and Carrie

Jeffrey Martin

Sean Feucht, Songs for Nations

Chris Listorti, EP

Issac Sturevant

Nine Day Fall

Guy Peters

Coop DeVille Records

Journeys Church

Nathan Lopez Project

Diamondback Truck Covers

Alexa Wright

Jesse Sterns

Ladybug Landslide

Berry de Snoo live


Adrienne Darapiza

Stephanie Foos

Jeff Waters

Aaron Rogers, Ground Zero

Burn 24-7 Incense Rise

John Pitta, Color My World

James@War, Youtube


The PoorLaw, Volume 2

Mark Iris, The Other Side of Evolution

Linsey Wallace, Swayed By Grace

Rachel Lilley, Jesus

John Harr EP


Oceans in Love

Jon and Tiffany​


Hear The

All Analog Chain

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