Mastering Services

Ethereal Mastering offers a wide range of post production services.

Analog Mastering Offerings

We offer several post production solutions crafted to serve the unique needs of the modern music and film producer. Let our world class tools, acoustically balanced, full-range listening room and trained ears put the final polish on your audio tracks. ​


Stereo Mastering

Our approach to the classic mastering service. We utilize some of the best analog gear to bring the music up to professional standard volume levels while providing sonic balancing and analog sweetening.


It is our goal for your music to translate on every system the best it can, providing each listener a superb audio experience, whether they are listening on earbuds or big sound systems.  


Stem Mastering

We offer stem mastering for projects needing a little “extra” love in the mastering phase. With this service, we start with each song being broken down into two to five stereo stems and handle stem processing and summing.


Once summed to stereo, the music takes a trip through our analog mastering chain. This is the perfect choice when you need a little extra attention given to certain elements in your mix.


Mastering For Film

Studies have found audio quality is 50% of the perceived quality of a film. We offer mastering services for film productions of all sizes and types.


With this service the final audio mix of the film is exported and send to us at full resolution and we  run the audio through our hi-fi analog gear. The result is a more polished, professional sounding sound track and dialog bed helping your audience connect to your film.



For many years before getting into mastering we mixed records, lots of records! While our focus is now mastering, we still love to mix.


We have two main options: digital mixing and analog mixing, varying on pricing and the desired end-result.


We also offer a small discount on mastering with every mix. Please send us a message and let’s talk if our mixing could help you reach your sonic goals.

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