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Stephen Pettyjohn


Mastering means something different to everyone. I have been frustrated countless times after receiving back a master that did not meet my expectations. One thing has become clear to me, the best gear or ears do not guarantee a final product you love. At Ethereal Mastering we take a different approach, working with you one-on-one to reach the final sound you envision for your album or film.

Bringing all songs up to professional levels.

“When it comes to attention to detail, quick delivery, and an excellent sounding mastering house, Stephen Pettyjohn and Ethereal Mastering are the MUST have choice for CoopDeVille Records artists and all our recordings out of Sound Garage studios. They come highly recommended!!”

Hear your song mastered for free.

Upload one song for a complimentary test master.


Competitive pricing with responsive service.

Hear The All New Analog Chain

All Post Production Includes

  • Hear it mastered with a free one song trial (up to 3 minutes)
  • Free digital delivery in DDP or wav format
  • Analog dynamic control and leveling with up to three analog compressors
  • True analog sweetening using up to two custom EQ’s
  • At least one complimentary master tweak (depends on service)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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Client Testimonials

“It’s rare to find someone who has such immense technical know-how, and the heart to match it. Stephen Pettyjohn of Ethereal Mastering is a genius with a passion. He’s in it for the music, and his work is a testament to that. You can’t fake passion, and it was so rewarding to see him work on my project. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone, and I’ll be returning to him without a doubt. You want creamy? He can do creamy. You want glassy? He can do that too.”