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Providing professional analog mastering since 2010.



Stephen Pettyjohn

Mastering means something different to everyone. I have been frustrated countless times after receiving back a master that did not meet my expectations. One thing has become clear to me, the best gear or ears do not guarantee a final product that you love. I concluded the only way to truly be satisfied is to work with people that care as much as you do about your craft.


My goal to mastering is to be flexible enough to accommodate all styles of music and listening preferences, while using great tools to serve each song individually. I don’t believe in one size fits all, which creates more work for me but results in better art in the end.

Whether you are an artist shopping mastering houses for your next album or a producer looking for a better way to finish your albums, Ethereal Mastering exists to serve each song with the same passion for perfection that you have for your own music.

Ethereal Mastering is owned and operated by engineer Stephen Pettyjohn. Every song gets individual treatment using a proprietary process, blending the best of analog and digital mastering tools and techniques.


We take an artistic approach to post production while maintaining high technical standards. Being musicians , our goal is that every project sounds true to the artist. Most mastering comes over the internet, via digital dropbox, but anyone is welcome to attend their mastering session in person if you live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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