Studio Partners

Partnering with small to medium studios, producers and artists.

Building Partnerships

Our goal is to make the post production process simple though partnership. It’s not a business contract, just a defined working relationship. Naturally, being a partner is obligation and risk free.

Flexible pricing

Need to stay within a set budget? Let’s do it! I believe our price point and quality is highly competitive but when your clients have a budget, I want to work with them. Let me know what the bottom line is and I will make it happen!

Totally Customizable Mastering Experience

When it comes to mastering, one size doesn’t fit all. Every set of ears hears music different and we work hard to craft a master that fits your sonic goals for each individual project.


Tired of not knowing how your mixes will sound after mastering? After working with me for multiple projects, you will gain tools to mix for the best master every time! My goal is to help you create better sounding projects mix after mix.


I know what it takes to run a successful studio and its not easy. A great master reflects highly on the studio and producer, so naturally, I want to see you succeed! Being a partner means you get the post production support you need to grow your studio, while being confident in you final product and price.

Know your mastering engineer

Do you ever get nervous sending your projects to a mastering engineer you don’t know? Being a partner opens up opportunity to develop a working relationship with me personally. Get honest, constructive mix feedback before mastering,or post-mastering debriefing, or if you just have questions during the mixing process. I want to be a resource to your creative process!

Priority Service

Got a deadline? No problem, we give partners top priority on mastering turnaround and communication. Get priority turnaround on tweaks and re-masters as well! We guarantee our work so If our mastering job still doesn’t satisfy your client, for whatever reason, it is free. As always, we offer free digital delivery via DDP2.0 and only charge actual shipping costs for mailing a cd.

Have a Questions?

Reach out and let's chat about how we can bring your next project to life.

Partner Benefits

  • Mix feedback and test master
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Priority turn around for test and full masters
  • Trouble shoot any mix, anytime!
  • Budget friendly mastering packages
  • Consistent results

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